Integrated Copper Mine – Business Plan Optimisation

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Integrated Copper Mine – Business Plan Optimisation

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Large copper mining complex


Copper & Cobalt

Scope of work

Life of mine business plan optimisation

Challenges Experienced

The client owned a large and complex operation consisting of surface and underground mines, surface dump and tailings material, processing facilities and related infrastructure covering the full-value chain of copper production.

Despite vast resources, full-value chain infrastructure and facilities, the business was struggling and required a strategic re-think to develop plans and actions capable of returning the business to profitability in the short-to-medium term, and achieving its full-potential in the long-term.

Several areas of optimisation and growth existed, including new mining methods, operating practices, mining blocks and an enhanced product mix, including a stronger focus on cobalt as a value accreditive by-product.

Approach to the Solution

Fraser McGill applied an opportunity assessment philosophy which involved the following:

  • Defining the project DNA and definition of success.
  • Fit-for-purpose and innovative technical solutions.
  • Smart scenario analysis, taking constraints and defined parameters into account.
  • Decision-making support and a roadmap for implementation.

The opportunity evaluation framework considered the entire value chain, from mine to smelter and refinery.

5 Steps to success

Outcome Experienced

The client obtained a detailed understanding of the value drivers of their business, and how each value engineering opportunity resulted in knock-on effects downstream.

Opportunities were prioritised and scheduled based on the client’s strategic objectives and funding availability.

Business improvement opportunities and a detailed roadmap provided guidance on the required operational overhaul to enhance returns over the short-, medium- and long-term.

An integrated techno-economic model captured and quantified all operational efficiency and continuous improvement plans, and illustrated the “art of the possible” for the future mining complex.